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We pride ourselves on providing an unrivalled service in the medical recruitment sector and our reputation as a market leader has been earned over many years of successfully placing doctors in medical jobs in all areas throughout Australia.

Our philosophy is simple. We want to understand you and what your requirements are. You will be working with the best in the business, and you can be certain that our highly trained medical recruitment consultants have experience in placing hundreds of doctors just like you.

At Sure People Medical we focus on providing a personalised service to our clients, and we strive to provide an experience that is unequalled in our sector. We appreciate just how busy you are in your own role, and that is why we make YOUR business OUR business.

We have a database of fully qualified and eligible specialists across all sectors and seniority levels, and can cater to whatever your needs may be. If you need employees starting now, in 12 months time, or yesterday (as is often the case) then let us do the hard work for you.

We offer competitive rates, and more importantly there are no fees in advance for any of our services – so if we can't find you the right candidates then we won't charge you.

Our expertise is based on our specialist knowledge of:

  • Marketing channels to attract outstanding candidates from the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand
  • Filtering, pre-interviewing and credentialing all employees to ensure all candidates meet the required standards requested by our clients
  • Medical board/council registration, immigration and other workforce regulations required to allow candidates to work in Australia

We attend numerous international and national medical conferences each year to promote the benefits for doctors working in Australia and New Zealand. We want to ensure that we arm our clients with the same knowledge that we have, so we can work together to positively impact our healthcare workforce.

Contact us today to discover how Sure People Medical Recruitment can help you find the right specialists to meet your needs, or assist in training on the recruitment and retention of staff in your facility. If you have an urgent vacancy that requires filling, please click here to submit the vacancy details to us, and we will contact you immediately.

Sure People Medical Recruitment has been servicing facilities around Australia for over 10 years. And when we say medical facilities, we mean everything – from the largest metropolitan teaching hospitals to the smallest outback rural clinic.

If you are a hospital or a practice in Australia and you need to find a staff, then you have come to the right place. Our staff are the best in the business, and can facilitate any or all of the following on your behalf:

  • Specific recruitment of doctors locally or from overseas to meet your requirements (including CV collection, pre-interviewing, credentialing, reference checking and verification of qualifications)
  • Creating position descriptions, advertisements and marketing campaigns to help fill your vacancy
  • Specialty college assessment processing
  • Guidance on employing an International Medical Graduate and your options with DIAC
  • Visa processing for the most appropriate work visa (usually a 457 Temporary Business Visa)
  • Area of Need' applications
  • Commonwealth Department of Health & Ageing applications for allocation of specialist and general provider numbers
  • Other Medicare Australia Provider Number issues
  • Recruitment and retention training seminars for your HR team

We have done extensive research into the timeframes involved with the above processes and we know just how much work goes into the recruitment of every employee. We offer competitive rates and don't charge you any upfront fees, meaning that we don't invoice you until your candidate has commenced work.
Below are the current positions we have available in Medical: