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Hydraulic Technician

Full time
February 20th, 2018
Perth, WA


Our client has 25 years of experience in the Marine Industries and our staff has over 35 years experiences in Commercial fishing industries, Australian Navy, offshore tug boats, pleasure boats and in transport, mining industries and Offshore.


Our client is seeking an experienced hydraulic technician with the following:
  • Current Trade Certificate
  • Current Drivers Licence
  • Able to Identify, Analyse and Solve Problems
  • Good Oral and Written Communication Skills
  • Aptitude for Computing and Design
  • Practical and Creative
  • Good Machining Skills
  • Enjoy Technical and Engineering Activities
  • Interested in Machinery Design and Application
  • Willing to Accept Responsibility
  • Able to perform careful, accurate work
  • Able to work as part of a team

This role will suit a mature all rounder. You will be operating in a friendly workshop, call outs on brake downs and fault finding. Knowledge of Hose & Fittings Hydraulic Pumps, Motors & Valves, coupled with the ability to read circuit drawings and good machining skills.

We are seeking an experienced team member, who can work in a small team environment where flexibility, multi tasking are essential requirements.

A competent individual, who has excellent communication, organisational skills.

If you believe you have everything they require than please apply.
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